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April 20, 2018
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Own your information!

Our thoughts on the new EU privacy regulation


The Bristol Pound is all about taking control of our own economy. Together, we create an alternative to the complex, abstract – and frankly incomprehensible – world of high-finance. Our local money is straightforward, simple, and transparent. If you pay with Bristol Pounds, or you accept them in your business, you know exactly what you’re contributing to: a healthy Bristolian economy where money flows freely between independent traders.


Transparency is a key value of the Bristol Pound. And so is autonomy.


We are proud to strive for the same level of clarity in the way we operate. We therefore fully support and embrace developments that take these values to heart such as the new European privacy regulation that goes into effect on May 25th 2018. This law returns control over the collection and use of personal information to the individual. Do you see any parallels here? We all know the saying that information is money and regaining control over information flows that concern you is, in our view, a very positive development.
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Consequently, we have reviewed and updated our Data Protection Policy. We want to provide our community of users with clear insight into the collection of any personal data we hold. The policy also includes information about how this data is protected and processed.


In addition, we ask your explicit consent to keep receiving news and updates about Bristol Pound news and activities.


Our local currency flourishes because it is actively supported and used by a huge community in Bristol. Communicating about Bristol Pound news, events, and member experiences is a way to strengthen the connections within this community. If you want to continue to be part of the inner circle, do let us know by adding your name and email address to this form! If you have any questions: drop a message via info@bristolpound.org or on our social media. We’re an open book. Let’s keep working on a strong and transparent local economy together!



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