Bristol Pound Partners

Business Champions

Business Champions are leading the way in their engagement with Bristol Pound, they have gone above and beyond to show their commitment to building a more resilient and inclusive city economy.

We are proud to call them our partners.

To become a Business Champion, contact Ian on 

Alec French Architects

If you haven't heard of Alec French, you'll be familiar with their work as they are behind some of Bristol's coolest developments - including Wapping Wharf, Aardman Animations and The SS Great Britain's dry dock.

Alec French are architects who take sustainability seriously. It's at the core of everything they do so for them, using Bristol Pounds is part of everyday life. From stationary to energy bills, from cleaning to coffee - it's all sourced locally and paid for in Bristol Pounds

alec french logo
  • Accepted payment of large Bristol City Council Contract in £Bs
  • Actively recruited other businesses into Bristol Pound
  • Spoken at public events in support of Bristol Pound
“You can run a business using Bristol Pound relatively easily. It’s a mistake to think £B is a niche thing…scaling is possible” Nigel Dyke, Director – Alec French Architects

Tobacco Factory Cafebar

A warm and welcoming hub in the heart of South Bristol. Enjoy great food, drink, exhibitions and live music. Explore their weekly Sunday Market and discover locally-produced food and crafts.  

Tobacco Factory have been on board with Bristol Pound from the start. Not only accepting £Bs for their food and drink but also distributing them from their cashpoint and helping local traders to bank their £Bs. 

  • Operated a £B cashpoint and £B Trader banking
  • Used Bristol Pounds for staff gifts
  • Hosted Bristol Pound events free of charge
  • Encouraged use of £B at their famous Sunday Market 
“The Bristol Pound is one of those great ethical initiatives that makes Bristol so distinctive by helping to generate a ‘circular’ economy fired by local independent business. It is central to our values at the Tobacco Factory, Sunday Market, Grain Barge and 5 Acre Farm, and our strong commitment to producing and purchasing as locally and ethically as possible” George Ferguson, Owner - Tobacco Factory

Zero Green

Zero Green are Bristol's first zero waste shop. Bring your containers, jars and bags to the shop and fill them up with wonderful loose products. Each time you do so, you're playing a part in reducing single use plastic consumption. 

What better way to make this transaction even more sustainable than by making it in Bristol Pounds? We're so pleased that Lidia and Stacey have embraced Bristol Pound.

zero green logo
  • Regular special offers for users of £B
  • Promote £B membership by speaking at events
  • Innovative ideas for promoting use of £B in store and online
  • Operate a Bristol Pound cashpoint 
“We have taken Bristol Pound since we opened because it links perfectly with all of our values as a business. We have a great community spirit in the shop and the Bristol Pound has helped us develop and strengthen those relationships. Being a small, sustainable, independent business in Bristol it was always the right thing to do!" Lidia & Stacey, Owners - Zero Green