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November 15, 2013
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Pay your rent in Bristol Pounds: Holbrook Moran becomes the first estate agent to accept Bristol’s local currency as payment

Written by Francesca Wakefield.

Exciting times for Bristol Pounds and Bristol People: in case you thought our local currency was just for your weekly shop and lovely local Christmas presents, think again. Local estate agent HolbrookMoran has just become the first local estate agent to accept Bristol Pounds – meaning you can now pay your rent in Bristol Pounds.

HolbrookMoran also announced that it will accept payment in Bristol Pounds for its fees as well as rent, bringing the day nearer when you might be able to not only rent a house and pay in Bristol Pounds, but buy one. “I’m delighted to announce that HolbrookMoran will now be accepting Bristol Pounds” said Tobie Holbrook, Owner of HolbrookMoran, “– As a local business we fully support the aims and objectives of the Bristol Pound.” A local businessman and committed supported of the Bristol Pound, in September Tobie also added all four of his Grounded Café’s as new Bristol Pound Access Points, taking the total up from 8 to 12 across the city.

Marking an important moment for the local currency’s future, Bristol Pound director Ciaran Mundy said: “Being able to add HolbrookMoran to our list of participating businesses is an important milestone for the Bristol Pound, helping us to achieve our long-term goal of being able to use the currency across all key areas of personal and business spending.”

Coming just two months after the Bristol Pound’s first birthday, the announcement follows other recent high-profile successes which have significantly widened the B£’s acceptance across a range of key everyday products and services. As well as being able to pay your accountant and various tradespeople in the currency, you can now also choose to pay in Bristol Pounds on local buses and will soon be able to pay your council tax in Bristol Pounds as well.

Watch this space!


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