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Logos & Style Guide

Bristol Pound Logo (JPG 344KB)
Bristol Pound Style Guide 2017 (Multi-page PDF 412KB)

'Proud to Accept Bristol Pounds'

This is good to put on invoices and websites. Download this image in 300, 600 or 1200 pixels wide below.

'Bristol Pound Accepted Here'

This is part of the new Point of Sales materials you can order below. This graphic could also be used on your website or incorporated into your own promotional materials. Download this image in 300 or 600 pixels wide below.

POS - Point of sales materials

The latest Bristol Pound POS is out in 2017 and it's looking sharper than ever. We've got a big variety of sizes and types, so you can get precisely what suits you and your business. The POS is free.


We've made some lovely maps to help customers use their Bristol Pounds. We can provide a free stand with maps for you - just get in touch with [email protected] and we'll arrange to get them to you. We currently have two maps:
Central Bristol Map of Bristol Pound businesses
Gloucester Road Map of Bristol Pound businesses


"Love Bristol? Go Local!" strips (various colours) (PDF 866KB)

"Bristol Pounds Proudly Accepted Here" Poster(1)  (JPG 612KB)

"We Accept Bristol Pounds (with TXT2PAY)" Poster (2)  (JPG 545KB)

"We Accept Bristol Pounds (without TXT2PAY)" Poster(3) (PDF 199KB)

"Ask for your change in Bristol Pounds" (PDF 866KB)