Get Bristol Pound Notes

Bristol Pounds are designed by local artists, made for the people of Bristol.

They’re beautiful! You can get hold of them either by swapping Sterling for notes at a cashpoint’ shop, or by buying them in our online store below.

Cash Points

Swap Sterling for Bristol Pound notes over the counter at these shops.

  • Beast Clothing
  • Bristol Hub
  • Bristol Temple Meads
  • Café Revival
  • Coexist
  • Craftisan Shop & Café
  • Folk House Café & Bar
  • Harvest
  • Hengrove Park Leisure Centre
  • Little Victories
  • Stokes Croft China
  • Small Street Espresso
  • Spike Island Café
  • Sweetmart
  • We The Curious
  • YHA Bristol

Cash Point Plus

As well as swapping Sterling, businesses can bank Bristol Pounds at a cash point plus. You can withdraw Bristol Pounds from your account here too.

  • Bristol Credit Union
  • Bristol Tourist Information Centre
  • Compuwave Computers
  • Stafford Townsend Millinery
  • Pearce’s Hardware
  • Tobacco Factory Café Bar

Online Shop

Buy souvenir notes with certificates or order current Bristol Pounds to be delivered to your door.

Get current Bristol Pound notes

The virtual cashpoint is for getting Bristol Pounds for spending or giving as gifts for others to spend. Notes that are in circulation will be issued to you via the post. If you're after crisp, clean souvenir notes with low serial numbers and in denominations of your choice, please purchase souvenir notes.

There is a £3 admin fee (this covers postage and payment fees). Delivery time is 2-3 working days. The notes you will receive will most likely be in £B5 and £B10 denominations with some £B1 notes (because this is most practical for spending).

Souvenir Paper Pounds 1st Edition
(2012 print)

Including a certificate of authenticity, unused and unissued.

  • £B1 - none left!
  • £B5 for £9.50
  • £B10 - none left!
  • £B20 for £24 

First edition prints from 2012. Sorry, our 2012 £B5 and £B10 are sold out and now unavailable. Plus £1.75 postage (first class signed for service)