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Third edition (2018) available now!

Our beautiful paper money features designs by talented local artists, and is available to spend with our member businesses around Bristol or to keep as a unique souvenir.

If you'd like to spend your paper pounds, you can go to your nearest £B Cashpoint to exchange sterling for £B or you can order online direct from us. Delivery time is 3-5 working days, and there is a £5.00 fee to cover postage and admin charges. The notes you will receive will likely be in £B5 and £B10 denominations (with some £B1 notes because this is most practical for spending). Click the Buy Now button below to place an order!

Souvenir sets

If you'd like to buy mint, unissued souvenir notes with low serial numbers in denominations of your choice, please purchase souvenir notes using the shopping cart buttons below.

Please note: souvenir notes are not currently in circulation and cannot be spent.

UK Sales

Postage £1.77 (First Class Signed For service).


International Sales

Postage £9.00 (International Tracked and Signed for service).


Third Edition (2018 print)

Unused and unissued, posted to you with a certificate of authenticity.

  • £BP1 for £5.50
  • £BP5 for £9.50
  • £B10 for £14.50
  • £B20 for £24.50

  • Complete set £100 - one of each denomination with matching serial numbers.
  • £50 - one of each denomination without matching serial numbers.

  • Meet The Artists

  • Radley Cook (£B1)
  • Kes (£B1)
  • Marta Zubieta (£B5)
  • Stella Holmes and George Mcguigan (£B5)
  • Mary Collett (£B10)
  • Emma Burleigh (£B10)
  • Kiwani Dolean (£B20)
  • Elaine Greig (£B20)

  • Read our interviews with the artists here.

    Second Edition (2015 print)

    Unused and unissued, posted to you with a certificate of authenticity.

  • £BP1 for £5.50
  • £BP5 for £9.50
  • £B10 for £14.50
  • £B20 for £24.50

  • Complete set £150 - one of each denomination with low, matching serial numbers (remaining available serial numbers range from 0000016 to 0000070).
  • £50 - one of each denomination without matching serial numbers £50.00.

  • Meet The Artists

  • Susan Taylor (£B1)
  • Zoë Power (£B1)
  • Tom McCarthaigh (£B1 hologram)
  • Yoshino Shigihara (£B5)
  • Stewy (£B5)
  • Juraj Prodaj (£B10)
  • Luke Carter (£B10)
  • Danny Bird (£B10 hologram)
  • Orca Design (£B20)
  • Kara Backes (£B20)
  • Gaby Selby (£B20 hologram)
  • £B1_frontsm

    First Edition (2012 print)


    Meet The Artists

  • Jethro Brice (£B1)
  • Phil West (£B1)
  • Mark Simmons (£B5)
  • Alex Lucas (£B5)
  • Matthew Price (£B10)
  • Anthea Page / Juraj Prodaj (£B10)
  • Jemima Blench (£B20)
  • Kim Short (£B20)

  • Read interviews with some of the 2012 artists here.
    2012BP1 Phil West front
    2012BP1 Jethro Brice back
    2012BP5 Mark Simmons front
    2012BP5 Alex Lucas back
    2012BP20 Jemima Blench back

    A message to collectors

    Bristol Pound CIC reserves the right to refuse currency orders which we have reason to believe are being placed with the intention of reselling currency as souvenirs.

    Please note that the purpose of the Bristol Pound is to increase the circulation of money within our local economy, to address the inequality, barriers to social inclusion, and sustainability and environmental concerns associated with the increasing globalisation of our economy.  We are a non-profit organisation, and we gain no income from the sale of current Bristol Pounds as currency.  The money you pay for current Bristol Pounds has to go into a trust account to ensure every Bristol Pound in circulation is backed by sterling. 

    As such, whilst we cannot prevent your buying notes for resale to collectors, this does go against our purpose, and is in fact a drain on our resources (as we still have to administer your transactions) which impacts negatively on us and the work we are trying to do for local people in Bristol.  We would therefore encourage you as a collector and trader either to restrict your purchases to souvenir sets (which, unlike current Bristol Pound currency do provide a small income to us).