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April 5, 2019
Notes from our member meet-up
April 12, 2019

Spark a new conversation with Bristol Pound

We often focus on the practical positives of our local currency such as reducing carbon emissions by shortening supply chains or helping to stop money leaking out of the city through a circular economy, but what if there’s a more elusive benefit?

These days transactions can feel impersonal, especially with the rise of self-scanning machines at many supermarkets. However, as a Bristol Pound member I’ve noticed that you instantly have a connection with the business you are spending with.

I’ve been greeted with open arms as if I’m part of a special club in shops and bars across Bristol. I’m sure these places are welcoming to all their customers but spending in Bristol Pounds makes me feel like a VIP customer.

This is especially true in businesses that may be new to £B or haven’t seen the currency before. Showing off the notes can be a great conversation starter.

We know that more and more people are feeling isolated as technology surpasses the need for personal interactions. Sometimes that little conversation over buying a coffee or some groceries can be the only human interaction a person has had in hours, if we can feel like we’re part of something – such as the £B – we can make these conversations all the more valuable and rewarding.

Bristol Pound member Ian had a great experience in Radford Mill recently. He explained, “I was waiting to be served at the till and the person in front of me paid in £B. I also used £B for my transaction and the person behind me in the queue then asked us what we were using. All three customers and the employee had a lovely conversation about £B – what is was, how to use it – and we all left that experience with something a bit extra than your usual trip to buy groceries”.

What’s the best experience you’ve had using Bristol Pound? We would love to hear your stories!

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