Why spend Bristol Pounds?

Bristol Pounds have the power to create a more resilient, sustainable and inclusive economy by keeping money in the city and benefitting member businesses rather than leaking out to distant head offices, shareholders and tax havens in the way that sterling does.

In order for £Bs to do this, they need to be spent! This is where you come in. Whether it’s buying your groceries, paying your energy bills, renovating your home or buying a birthday present - you can do it with Bristol Pounds. And when you do, you support those independent businesses by sending your hard earned money on an ethical journey around Bristol.

Bristol Pounds are more than money - using them helps you to forge relationships with your favourite businesses by showing your commitment to them and to Bristol’s independent sector.

So give it a go! Join up as a member and get spending!

Pay using our beautiful paper money or download the app - you won’t look back!