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March 13, 2020
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Supplier of the Week #5 – Wild Grove

Supplier of the Week – Where we celebrate the independent wholesale businesses of the Bristol Pound community.

This week’s featured supplier is Wild Grove, a company that sells skincare products and soaps lovingly made in Bristol. Soapmaker Lisa Pasquill can be found in markets around Bristol behind an aromatic display of handmade soaps, lotions and balms. Amongst this vibrant selection are unique felted soaps wrapped in colourful Merino wool.

As Lisa explains, sustainability is central to Wild Grove’s ethos:

“Wild Grove is a proudly zero-waste organisation which places emphasis on the sustainability of its products and wholeheartedly supports the varied movements towards the reduction of single use materials.

We believe that creating a better future can be done by everyone, which is why we only use sustainable materials for production, recycled packing materials and multi-use bottles, tins and boxes!”

As well as being found in markets like the Tobacco Factory and the Clevedon Sunday Market, Wild Grove supplies local businesses such as fellow Bristol Pound members Eclectic Gift Shop and Zero Green.

Lisa Pasquill also described why she chooses to use Bristol Pound in her business:

“Using the Bristol pound means that more of our business impacts the local community and reduces reliance on the larger corporations which are guilty for a large part of the planet’s waste problems. In addition to this, we work with multiple local retailers to which we deliver wholesale orders via bike and trailer, reducing our carbon footprint even further and encouraging everyone to shop local!”

If you’re interested in stocking or buying Wild Grove soaps, find out more on their website or Facebook.

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