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March 5, 2019
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March 14, 2019

Support Bristol’s independents by paying your council tax in Bristol Pounds

It’s that time of year again, council tax bills will soon be hitting doormats across the city. Did you know that you can pay in Bristol Pounds? And when you pay your council tax in £B you’re encouraging the council to support small, local businesses.

Bristol Pound exists to create a more resilient, inclusive and sustainable local economy for Bristol. It does that by supporting our independent businesses. Small and medium sized enterprises are where the majority of jobs are created, and are therefore key to addressing economic exclusion in the city and, in turn, creating a fairer and more inclusive local economy.

We work closely with Bristol City Council. It’s great that they are one of only two authorities that accept payments of taxes in a local currency, and that they really understand the importance of independent businesses to the city. But we hope that an increase in £B council tax payments will show them that local people really care about the council’s procurement practices. Paying your council tax in £B puts pressure on the council to use local businesses more in their own supply chains.  

You can make council tax payments using £B with a one-off payment, or scheduled installments. Either way, you’ll be doing your bit to support local independent businesses. To pay in £B you will need to be a Bristol Pound member. Just download our app and following the sign-up procedure if you’re not a member yet, and within a few days you’ll not only be able to pay your council tax in £B, but also use them to pay for goods and services in some 600 independent businesses across Bristol!

A handy guide on how to pay your council tax using £B can be found here.


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