Partner Organisations

Social TRade Organisation (STRO)

We use the award winning Cyclos software for our online banking developed by our technology partners, STRO. Cyclos is a project of a network of Social TRade Organisations from Latin America and Europe.

STRO’s objective is to move money as a major steering mechanism in society from causing environmental abuse and preventing many poor to optimise their capacities, to become an instrument that serves a qualitative human development. The first STRO was founded in 1970 in Holland. Social trade promotes the opportunity for communities to optimise the circulation of purchasing power in their community. Using the Social Trade methods the potential of the community can be optimised based on the community’s culture with respect for the environment. People involved in realising the Social TRade targets are working from local offices in Porto Alegre (Brazil), Montevideo (Uruguay) and Tegucigalpa (Honduras), Utrecht (Holland), Lisbon (Portugal) and Murcia (Spain).

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Qoin are technlogy partners who help manage and support the hosting of our banking software, Cyclos. They are a consultancy that designs, implements and manages Community Currencies throughout Europe.

Bristol City Council

Bristol City Council has committed significant officer time in developing ways of accepting and spending Bristol Pounds and promoting its many benefits for Bristol.

The Tudor Trust

The Tudor Trust have funded the development of the software which will run the electronic Bristol Pound systems through a project led by nef and Transition Network.


nef (new economics foundation) is a leading 'think and do' tank doing pioneering work on social justice and sustainability including reforming the financial sector. As such it aims to develop local banking and currency solutions.