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January 27, 2016
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February 29, 2016

Survey results: what you think about the Bristol Pound

Graph showing the results of the Benefits of the Bristol Pound question in the survey


We asked Bristol Pound members to share their views on Bristol’s local currency and we – the staff team –  really enjoyed hearing what you had to say about your experiences of using it, what you love about it and what could be improved.

Here’s what individual members said:

Benefits of £B

75% of you spend with Bristol Pound because you love supporting Bristol’s local independent businesses.

“One of the many sustainable and beautiful aspects which make me proud of this great city.”

We agree it’s an important part of using Bristol Pounds and, although it’s not like Bristol is short of independent businesses, it’s a great way of making sure they’re all here to stay.


Changed purchasing experience Qu

“Paying by text meant I could buy lunch in town (at the Folkhouse) when I left my wallet at home.”

It’s great to see that so many of you are finding it a really positive experience using Bristol Pound but it’s also important for us to hear about how we could improve your experiences.

From what you’ve told us, we’ve identified that the areas we need to focus on are:

1. Making payments easier
2. Continuing to support businesses
3. Getting more people involved across Bristol

We’re going to work on these things to try to make using the Bristol Pound as easy, enjoyable and worthwhile as possible!

46% of you are spending most of your Bristol Pounds on everyday and essential items.

Compared to only 10% who spend most on non-essential and occasional items. This goes to show that many of you are incorporating Bristol Pounds into your everyday spending which is fantastic and a sure way of having a big impact.

Over one in ten Bristol Pound members use Bristol Pounds to pay for council tax and bills. Using Bristol Pounds for these large, regular payments is such an easy way of spending Bristol Pounds, without even really having to think about it. If you’re not already, it’s definitely something to consider.

Here’s what business members had to say:

Spend with

76% of businesses spend their Bristol Pounds with other local businesses. Also over half of them said using the Bristol Pound has positively changed their relationship with other local businesses and for the majority of them has created more local business to business trading. This means more local supply chains created by Bristol Pounds!

“It’s my first port of call when seeking local suppliers”

Offer £B as change

When it came to asking the businesses what they do with their Bristol Pounds, the majority admitted they don’t offer them in change to customers. Although sometimes this might be because they don’t have any to offer at the time, don’t be afraid to ask!

75% of businesses never transfer the Bristol Pounds they receive into sterling and 16% only do so occasionally.

As much as we’d hope to see all businesses re-spending all their Bristol Pounds, in practise this isn’t always possible. We will continue to support those businesses struggling to re-spend but having 91% of businesses who never or very occasionally transfer their Bristol Pounds into sterling is great.

Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey and to you all for your continued support of the Bristol Pound. There were lots of really useful comments, suggestions and ideas for improvements which we’re going to take on-board and use to help us plan.

Big congratulations go to Niall who was the winner of the prize draw.

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  1. Great comments about supporting local businesses which must be one of the main reasons for using the Bristol Pound, it is just a shame the Bristol Pound themselves are not so loyal. I have a printing company in Bristol and we have priced on several occassions for their work. We were told that we were unsuccessful and the work had been placed in Wales. I fully appreciate that everone has to buy as competitively as possible but we obviously have higher wages, business rates, property prices than anyone in Wales but that is the same for every single business and person in the City. Loyalty has to work both ways.

    • Bristol Pound says:

      Hi Murray. Thanks for your comments.

      I think you’re talking about the Bristol Pound directory. This was printed in Bristol by fellow Bristol Pound members Whitehall Printers – I’m not sure why you were told it was being printed in Wales. Sorry about that.

      We will always choose Bristol’s independent suppliers when there is one and, of course, pay in Bristol Pounds.

      Thanks again for getting in touch Murray – I hope that allays your fears.

  2. Raquel says:

    I love using bristol pounds. Be great if to reload through bristol credit union could be same day.

    • Bristol Pound says:

      Thanks Raquel. We’ll look into this and work with Bristol Credit Union to see what we can do.