Testimonial - The Community Farm


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Tell us a bit about your business. E.g. When and how did you start off?

The business is a community farm, officially trading since 2009. We run an organic vegetable box scheme for customers in Bristol and Bath as well as delivering to wholesale customers such as restaurants and shops that sell or use organic, seasonal produce. We are a social enterprise involved in community supported agriculture. We employ a number of salaried staff and also have volunteers to help with all aspects of the business.


When did you first hear about the Bristol Pound? When did you join?

We joined the Bristol Pound in November 2012.

Why did you get involved with the Bristol Pound?

As a community business, we felt it important to give our existing and potential customers the opportunity to support the £B and hence local businesses.


How do you or your customers feel or behave when using £B compared to sterling?

Interactions with customers using the £B are usually very positive – I think customers enjoy being able to use it to pay for good food from a local business.


How have your Bristol Pounds been re-spent or where do you plan to re-spend them?

We use them to pay some of our suppliers.


What’s the best thing that has happened to you & your business from joining?

We have acquired some customers from enquiries asking if we take £Bs - it may be that we would not have gained these customers if we had not offered the facility.


What do you hope will happen as a result of Bristol people and businesses having their own currency?

That more and more local businesses will benefit from local customers and money.


How do you help staff to make the most of your customers commitment to using £B?

We try to make the process of paying as smooth as possible. As we do not sell directly to the majority of our customers, we only take payment by TXT2PAY or internet... we try to keep the process as seamless as possible for our customers.