Testimonial - Stream Farm


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Tell us a bit about your business. E.g. When and how did you start off?

We are an Organic Farm in the Quantock Hills of Somerset. We began operating in 2002 when James and Henrietta Odgers bought the farm and began to set up the farm businesses. See http://www.streamfarm.co.uk/about-us/ for more info.


When did you first hear about the Bristol Pound? When did you join?

We heard about it from Chris Sunderland in September 2012 and joined immediately.


Why did you get involved with the Bristol Pound?

Our aim at Stream Farm is to show that the British countryside is far better served by large numbers of small farms selling their produce directly to those who are going to eat it rather than by just a few huge farms selling to the supermarkets...we are now focusing as well on the sad and rapid breakdown of rural communities.

We have long felt that local currencies, with their aim of increasing local trade and boosting the power of small businesses, as opposed to the large, distant corporations, is a brilliant idea. We jumped at the chance to be part of this one in Bristol.


How do you or your customers feel or behave when using £Bs compared to sterling?

People are certainly more excited about using £B than sterling, and they feel better about it I think. It’s an enjoyable experience for people.


What’s TXT2PAY like?

It’s great and people really enjoy how fast it is and there is a great novelty factor too.


How have your Bristol Pounds been re-spent or where do you plan to re-spend them?

I’d be lying if I said the bulk haven’t been converted back into sterling, but we have now begun to pay Bristol-based Will (Sales and Delivery) in them and we can also use them to pay for printing costs etc., in Bristol.


What’s the best thing that has happened to you & your business from joining?

We loved the initial publicity and just love being part of this pioneering venture. ...it has benefited relationships with other businesses who also share our passion for the £B.


What do you hope will happen as a result of Bristol people and businesses having their own currency?

We hope that local businesses get more business and supermarkets decline in power and influence.


How do you help staff to make the most of your customers commitment to using £Bs?

We thank them for paying in £Bs and encourage the use of it.


It’s your money! Is there anything else you’ve done or would like to help make happen with the £B project?

We’d love to see it grow and become mainstream in Bristol. We envisage £B buying groups where people pool their £B to specifically buy from us and other £B businesses.