Member Testimonials

The Bristol Pound is people powered money. Watch this short video of our members explaining why they signed up and where they spend their Bristol Pounds.


Everybody enjoys using the Bristol Pound, below are just a few of the member testimonials we have had in. If you would like to share your views we'd love to hear from you, email

Dave Prendergrast

I've been using TXT2PAY for over 6 months now and I really enjoy the simplicity of it. It always bugs me having lots of things in my pockets, so I love being able to go out for the day with only my phone and keys. I use £B to pay for all sorts of things now, and as more businesses join each month, I get to leave my wallet behind more and more.

Currently, most of my £B spending goes on things like groceries, food and drinks out, but also things like getting my hair cut and hopefully soon I'll be paying my energy bills in £B too! It is a great way of developing relationships with people in my community. I love shopping with the Bristol Pound, because instantly me and my local businesses are aware of our shared values and our desire to keep Bristol the exciting, unique city it is.

Lisa Muller

I've been using text to pay for almost a year, I love it, it is so easy and allows me to keep track of my spending. I almost all of my shopping with £B and all those drinks, coffees, cakes and lunches. My employer has joined the payroll scheme so all of my ‘spending money’ is in £B anyway.   

Rozzie Love

Most of my weekly spend is in £B. For me, it's a really simple way of spending money in line with my values, as localism is very important to me.

The other day I popped into Better Food in St Werburghs, and asked if I could pay in £B, and the man behind the till said "oh it would be a pleasure if you spent £Bs here!". You build a unique relationship with the shop owners.

I need to get a carpet, so I'm looking at the directory to see who sells carpets in £Bs. The 10% £B discount at Thali is also very useful! 

Mark Leach

It took me a while to get round to setting up my payroll at work to pay me £100 a month in £B.

I'm so glad I did - it's made a big difference. My job involves lots of evenings, long hours etc - it's really hard to fit in shopping, going to cash points etc. Knowing that £B100 is there means I don't have to use debit or credit cards and so saves money on small transactions.

This may not apply to everyone but unlike my browser, I can't hold all my "favourites" in terms of shops and caffs in my head. The £B really helps as it basically is a list of my favourites!! Quality really matters to me. Having a crap coffee I just find really annoying. What a waste of money - and time - and coffee beans!  £B so far is a bit of a quality control thing.

And like a lot of people (no, not just men!) I do tend to find shopping a drag. But it has to be done. So for a while I withdrew from the high street and resorted to online shopping, particularly for Christmas. But then you end up spending even more time sat down, indoors, unsociably, staring at the screen!  It might suit some but for me the less time I'm static and at my PC the better. All in all I was finding it pretty unsatisfying - and I'm not convinced the recipients of the gifts were all that impreseed either!

Shopping in places that use Bristol Pounds, they're all the best places anyway. There's a few exceptions that don't yet take it and I'm working on them! But it's an ever dwindling number. And using the £B brings even more enjoyment. Conversations, relatonships, getting to know the folks who work in these shops and cafes. It somehow makes it all more fun. And I think that's what great cities, great places to live like Bristol are made of, those little exchanges.

All in all it's been a massive bonus and I'm now thinking of increasing it to £B200 a month and seeing how that goes then maybe more! 

Brian Titley

I have £100 of my net wage paid into my Bristol Pound account each month direct from my worker co-op employer (we now have a "Trading in Local Currencies" policy).

I haven't owned any paper £B since the first £30 that I got out on the first day of operation.

I use txt2pay and now find it simple to use after a few errors early on (thanks to Harvest for their patience) where I didn't put the spaces in the txt.

I spend the Bristol Pounds on essentials mainly at Harvest and sometimes at Gardeners Patch plus treats at Cafe Kino. Occasionally, when at St Nicks Market at lunchtime I pay Spice Up Your Life and Royce Rolls with txt2pay.

I must admit, I haven't found all the places that I can use txt2pay and am spotting new locations all the time. I now have £B saved up in my account; I am pleased with this accumulation of wealth and I like to think of this as my holiday savings - well, I'll be holidaying in Bristol next year then!


Laura J Welti

I budget by working out what I need to put aside for regular bills and core services, what I need to save and then what that leaves me for shopping, playing and other weekly purchases.  Usually, all but about £10 of this latter amount I spend in £Bs.

What's not to love about Bristol Pounds?  They're beautiful, they keep your neighbours in a job and your High St diverse and thriving!
Hopefully I will soon only need £Bs for my weekly spend - come Woodes, Planet Pizza and a couple of local shops, what are you waiting for?

Natalie Fee

I pay £10 a week into my £B account, which I use in health food shops and cafes. It took me a while to get set up because I kept procrastinating, but now that I have I really love using. It's really easy and especially good for those times when I don't have any cash in my purse and my bank balance is running low - it's great to remember that i've got some £B to spend.

**2014 update** I LOVE text-to-paying with my £B. I use it every week, and quite happily go out without my purse now! I'm always showing others how to do it too as people are interested to see what I'm doing!

Dave Hunter

I make a regular transfer of £200 from my smile account to my Bristol Pound account each month. With that I get a weekly veg box from The Community Farm and shop at Earthbound and Better Food Company on Whiteladies and Sweetmart in Easton. When I meet friends for a drink or a meal, I try to make sure it is somewhere that accepts the Bristol Pound, places like Harbourside in town and Poco.

I have a yoga class each week at yogawest and pay with £B and when I need stuff for my bike, I head up to the shop on Blackboy Hill. I use £B to get my films from 20th Century Flicks and I have just transferred some £B into the Mayor’s Fund.

When I see the Txt2Pay sign in shop windows, I am drawn in, recognising them not only as a local independent business, but one that is likely to be supporting other local firms. When I need something like an electrician, or locksmith, pretty much anything in fact, I go to the directory on the Bristol Pound website to see who I can use who takes £B.

It all feels so much more positive and purposeful than just defaulting to the same old handful of multinationals for everything – and already it is becoming my new ‘norm’, not something I have to go out of my way to do.

Cori Flynn

I generally use the £B in shops on Gloucester Road and in Radford Mill for my food shopping. Although I already shopped in these places it's great to know that the money will stay in the area. I started off using the £B notes and since setting up my account the text to pay has been really great and easy to use. I am now using it to pay for dinners and all sorts!

Ciaran Mundy

I spend about £B300 per month so have set up a regular payment of that amount from my sterling Cooperative account into my £B account. It's fun and it's good for budgeting my spending money after bills.

I guess around half of it goes on fruit and veg from: Gardners Patch on Glos Road, Radford Mill Farm Shop on Picton Street, occasional Better Food Co. Quite a bit goes on Bristol Beer Factory beer at the Pip n Slippers, Canteen, No.1 Harbourside or the Gallimaufry. I've had some big nights out with friends at Thali Cafe in Montpelier and Totterdown, Zazu's Kitchen where we all paid by text (I ran out a few times so got a friend to text me some £B, very cool!) and sometimes I pop in to Sweetmart in Easton. It's not just food though. I'm paying my solar thermal installers R-Eco partly in £B, my accountant Phil Corbin and Associates takes them too. I took my mum to the award winning Poco tapas place in Stokes Croft and also for a treatment at Clifton Lido for her 70th Birthday. I gave her a pile of about £B150, she loved them! I think she pinned one £B1 to the wall.... Ahh, love you mum! I've also had keys cut and paid for a second hand computer in £Bs. . . .its all a bit of an adventure really.