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Tom from Well Seasoned Wood – my business story

With a chill in the air and Christmas round the corner it feels like a very good time to introduce Tom Hallah of Well Seasoned Wood in the latest of our “my business story” blog series.

Well Seasoned Wood sell premium quality, sustainable kiln dried firewood and locally sourced seasoned logs, delivered to Bristol homes and businesses ready to burn. They also supply kiln dried kindling, eco logs, natural firelighters & oak beam mantels.

Over to Tom!

What do you love about Bristol? And what do you love about your job?
I love Bristol because it always has so much to do. You can never be bored! There are a wide range of restaurants and shops; you can get pretty much anything you need in Bristol. I love interacting with out customers and meeting different people every day.

Why did you start your business and how do you keep it going?
I started Well Seasoned Wood to provide Bristolians with the best quality wood I could get my hands on. I use a combination of social media and word of mouth – I also rely of the loyalty of our customers to come back again and again to buy more firewood.

What’s your favourite thing about running an independent business?
My favourite thing about running my own business is that I have the freedom to decide how to do things. I designed Well Seasoned Wood’s logo and played an important part in the website design. I also think that by having a small independent company you can offer a more personal service to customers.

What are the challenges?
The biggest challenges I face as a small business owner is getting the right balance between running Well Seasoned Wood and having time with my family and to do my hobbies. When you run your own business it is very hard to go home and leave work at the office. I try my best to do this but sometimes it feels like a 24 hour job!

What made you sign up to accept Bristol Pounds? What do you like about the scheme?
I think the Bristol Pound scheme is a great way to support local businesses. I had no hesitation about going the scheme. I am a strong believer that people in Bristol should strive to help our community grow and Bristol Pounds are one way to help to do this.

What’s different about Bristol Pound customers?
All our customers are valued but when someone uses Bristol Pounds it shows that they are willing to be a part of Bristol’s community.

What are your favourite places in Bristol and why?

Asado – they do one of the best burgers in Bristol and they buy our company wood to cook with.

Radford Mill Farm Shop [£B] – they provide great organic food and the people who work there are very friendly and always up for a chat.

Purdown is one of my favourite green spaces. You can see great views of Bristol from there.

Thank you Tom! Visit Well Seasoned Wood’s website to find our more and stock up on wood for the winter.

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