Business Testimonials

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Beast Clothing  

"Beast is world famous as the place to get original Bristolian t-shirts with a true West Country flavour...".  See Directory Listing: St. Nic's Market  / Cheltenham Rd


Beast Clothing

"Customers love it - it makes them feel good about spending money, as they know it's having some positive effect."

"TXT2PAY - Brilliant ! It's quicker than credit/debit cards, much cheaper and fun to do."

"Turnover is up!"  

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Better Food

 "We have three shops and a café, selling organic, local and ethically sourced food and drink, bodycare, supplements and household goods."  

See Directory Listing:  St. Werburgh's  /  Whiteladies Road  /  Wapping Wharf


Better Food Company Logo


"TXT2PAY -  (We) have been impressed at how quickly the texts come through, and how little time it actually takes at the tills."

"The Bristol Pound online account is very user friendly"

"The Bristol Pound...has become symbolic of a wider movement in Bristol toward local independent trading. engenders local pride..."

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Bristol Wood Recycling Project

"Recycling waste wood into affordable timber since 2004.
We offer a chargeable waste wood collection that is cheaper than an equivalent skip." 

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"TXT2PAY - "Very easy to use, for the customer and for us..." 

" will make people think more about the positive differences between local businesses and their competitors..."

"...we are doing our bit for a bigger idea that we hope will make a real difference to the city..."

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Cafe Revival

"A wholly independent business, Cafe Revival's home is 56 Corn Street a beautiful listed building which stakes it's claim as Bristol's oldest Coffee House."  

See Directory Listing

Cafe Revival

"(The Bristol Pounds) core beliefs and intentions are honest, honourable and realistic..."

"...visitors and local customers identify immediately that we're independent and it demonstrates that we're part of Bristol's independent charm."

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Canteen & No.1 Harbourside

 "Canteen and No.1 Harbourside opened in 2009 and 2010 respectively to serve their local communities with delicious and nutritious food, drink and entertainment."  

See Directory Listing:  Canteen                                            No.1 Harbourside

Canteen logo



"(We) see the Bristol Pound as a great step towards re-purposing money for the benefit of the people.."

"..we are actually empowered to choose our money systems as a society, which is fantastic."

"A glimpse of what is possible at the community level.."

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Espirito Coffee Lounge

"Espirito Coffee Lounge is a small coffee shop in Denmark Street serving beautiful Extract Coffee alongside paninis, cakes and Tea Pigs tea..."

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Espirito Coffee Lounge Logo



"We love it!"

"A true sense of togetherness and independence." 

"2TXT2PAY - Fantastic."

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Gardners Patch

 "We are a greengrocers and have traded for approximately 25 years."  

See Directory Listing

Gardener's Patch Logo



"I've paid business rates with them!"

"... people have liked the supporting (the) Bristol ethic."

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Mainplay Music

See Directory Listing

Mainplay Music



“I heard about the Bristol Pound from people on Facebook talking about it.  I wanted to sign because I believe it's a good way to support local businesses.”




"Poco is a tapas restaurant serving local, seasonal produce. We have a strong sustainability ethos and we take pride in championing the incredible local food that we are so lucky to serve to our customers, whilst keeping our impact on the environment to a minimum."  

See Directory Listing


"The Bristol Pound - a wonderful way to support local business.."

"TXT2PAY, it is just so easy! "

"...a fantastic indication for what the future has to hold."

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Ranzo Cycles

"Bicycle repair and servicing based in my Southville workshop and at weekly at the Tobacco Factory market."  

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"Transactions involving £Bs means two parties are acting for the common good."

"I’m happy for 2% of my TXT2PAY takings to go £B admin as it’s a small price to pay for the publicity I get."

"...some people have changed up a lot of sterling into £Bs."

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Vintage Lounge and Arts Venue CIC. " A non-profit, social enterprise, our main vision and mission is to support artists and creative people within Bristol."  

See Directory Listing


Shop Logo

  "TXT2PAY - ...very simple and for a shop like ours that doesn’t have a card machine, very useful."

"We love Bristol, (and) to feel a part of a unique initiative, that the city is investing in..."

"...(we) will be sure to spend some with (BCC), when rent comes around."

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Stream Farm

"We are an Organic Farm in the Quantock Hills of Somerset."  

See Directory Listing



"...increasing local trade and boosting the power of small     businesses, as opposed to the large, distant              corporations..a brilliant idea. We jumped at the chance to  be part..."

"People are certainly more excited about using £B than sterling...they feel better about it..."

"TXT2PAY - It’s great and people really enjoy how fast it is..."

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The Community Farm

A social enterprise involved in community supported agriculture. "We run an organic vegetable box scheme for customers in Bristol and Bath as well as delivering to wholesale customers such as restaurants and shops that sell or use organic, seasonal produce."  

See Directory Listing


   "We have acquired some customers from enquiries asking if we take £Bs..."

"...customers enjoy beingable to use it.."

            "...more and more local businesses will benefit from                                                                                            local customers and money."

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The Fish Shop

"We sell only the freshest fish, delivered daily from the markets of Devon and Cornwall. All our products are ethically sourced and of the highest quality available in the UK."  

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 "...TXT2PAY means we can get on and serve the next customer while the last one is paying us!"

"People are now starting to seek out businesses that take the Bristol Pound..."

"Bristol Pound businesses talk to each other, meet up and do business with each other." 

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