Testimonial - Bristol Wood Recycling Project

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 Tell us a bit about your business. E.g. When and how did you start off?

We started in 2004 on a piece of derelict land leased to us by the council, 2 Directors, a banger van and a couple of dedicated volunteers. 9 years later we're still on the same site (although may need to move soon) but the Project has been transformed. We are now a cooperative of 7 staff with 2 volunteers also on the Board, give placements to 40 volunteers a year, collect 250 tonnes of wood waste a year and have a turnover of £180,000 a year.


When did you first hear about the Bristol Pound? When did you join?

We heard about it on the grapevine whilst it was still being planned, and immediately expressed an interest. Once applications were being accepted, we applied to join the scheme.


Why did you get involved with the Bristol Pound?

BWRP has social aims to make Bristol better, as well as environmental aims, and we felt a scheme to keep money in the local economy sounded an idea that fitted with those aims.


How do you or your customers feel or behave when using £B compared to sterling?

I think there is definitely a 'fascination factor', especially because the notes were designed to be so colourful and different from the standard sterling notes.


What’s TXT2PAY like?

Very easy to use, for the customer and for us, we just have to remember to keep our battered old Nokia charged up!


How have your Bristol Pounds been re-spent or where do you plan to re-spend them?

We tend to spend ours on kitchen and grocery supplies from Essential Food Cooperative.


What’s the best thing that has happened to you & your business from joining?

Feeling that we are doing our bit for a bigger idea that we hope will make a real difference to the city.


What do you hope will happen as a result of Bristol people and businesses having their own currency?

We hope that it will make people think more about the positive differences between local businesses and their competitors, who have tended to gain the upper hand in the last few decades, by 'piling high, selling cheap' and then off-shoring the profits.


It’s your money! Is there anything else you’ve done or would like to help make happen with the £B project you want to tell us about?

Keep on keeping on!