Testimonial - Espirito Coffee Lounge

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Tell us a bit about your business. E.g. When and how did you start off?

Espirito Coffee Lounge is a small coffee shop in Denmark Street serving beautiful Extract Coffee alongside paninis, cakes and Tea Pigs tea. I’ve been running it since December 2012.


When did you first hear about the Bristol Pound? When did you join?

...as soon as the purchase of Espirito Coffee Lounge was finalised I knew I wanted to be part of the £B.


Why did you get involved with the Bristol Pound?

To strengthen my bond with the Bristol community and be involved in this great scheme.


How do you or your customers feel or behave when using £B compared to sterling?

We love it!


What’s TXT2PAY like?


How have your Bristol Pounds been re-spent or where do you plan to re-spend them?

Either treating the wife to a meal, buying some locally produced cakes or simply contributing to my business rates.

What’s the best thing that has happened for you & your business from joining?

I feel a sense of camaraderie with other traders and £B users and I feel a stronger part of the community.


What do you hope will happen as a result of Bristol people and businesses having their own currency?

A true sense of togetherness and independence.

How do you help staff to make the most of your customers commitment to using £B?

I share my own enthusiasm with them and with my business associates.