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Dan Stern, Owner - The Fish Shop

Joining the Bristol Pound has been a real eye opener. Something we feared might be just a middle-class wet-hippy dream has turned out to be something a whole lot more inspiring. Potentially it's a game changer. Local money staying in the area. Fed up of large company's who don't pay corporation tax and employ less and less people in the quest for ever increasing shareholder profits? The Bristol Pound is part of the solution.

People are now starting to seek out businesses that take the Bristol Pound. We now pay other suppliers in Bristol Pounds and will be paying much of our business rates this year in Bristol Pounds too.

Bristol Pound businesses talk to each other, meet up and do business with each other.

And best of all TXT2PAY means we can get on and serve the next customer while the last one is paying us!

The question I used to hear asked was 'are you going to sign up?' The question I ask other business owners now is 'haven't you signed up yet'.

 Get involved.

Together we are stronger.

Who knows where it will lead!”