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April 5, 2019
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April 11, 2019

University of Bristol holds celebratory breakfast welcoming Bristol Pound

This week the University of Bristol held a breakfast launch event to showcase Bristol Pounds now being available as part of their rewards scheme. 

Professor Martin Parker, UoB

Staff and students came along to enjoy a some pastries and learn more about the benefits of £B. Professor Martin Parker from the university’s Inclusive Economy Institute kicked off the morning’s presentations. Martin explained that the university is keen to develop long-term partnerships with large and small businesses, local councils, trade unions and third sector and civil society organisations.

Based in a civic university, their work includes considering the role of education and training in challenging current practices and encouraging new ways of thinking and acting. He also explained how Bristol Pound and UoB are working on a joint research project to find out what local businesses desire from a business network. We can use this research to inform and create the best network we can for our business members.

Andrew Parsons, UoB

Following this, our MD Diana Finch explained how Bristol Pound is primarily a project with a social, economic and environmental purpose – to make the city more resilient, improve economic inclusion and reduce transport-related carbon emissions. Also, how we are excited to have the support of the university to help us achieve these goals.

After this presentation, staff and students heard Andrew Parsons – Procurement Manager – discuss how Bristol Pounds could be used to incentivise staff and students. He explained that the university is interested in sustainability and supporting independent Bristol businesses.

By using Bristol Pounds instead of other voucher schemes, Andrew explained, this keeps money circulating in the local economy as they can only be spent in Bristol. They also help with the university’s ethos of sustainability as the Bristol Pound network helps to shorten supply chains by building strong local networks.

Of the breakfast, UoB Faculty of Engineering staff member, Jack McKenna, said, “It was fascinating to learn how local currency usage can impact positively on the environment. It wasn’t something I’d previously considered as a benefit of using the Bristol Pound.”

We’re thrilled to have such a strong relationship with University of Bristol and we are excited to work together to help our city’s economy thrive and promote sustainability.


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