Volunteering with Bristol Pound

There are several volunteering options available if you'd like to get involved with the Bristol Pound.

We welcome your existing skills and fresh ideas, and offer you plenty of opportunities to gain real world work experience and become a part of our ongoing development. We'll also pay travel and subsistence expenses so you're not out of pocket.

Read more below and don't worry if you are interested in more than one role - just use this form to apply and let us know which areas you're most interested in. We can always mix and match your skills to the work that needs doing.

Please send all completed application forms to info@bristolpound.org and we'll be in touch. Thank you!

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to offer the usual level of training & support to new volunteers because COVID-19 has forced us into working from home. 

The only position we are currently advertising is that of Communications Assistant. Because we are unable to offer the normal level of support, any applicant must have some relevant experience to be considered at this time. 

We hope that we are able to return to normal as soon as possible! 

Communications Assistant

Are you an excellent communicator, with good written English and a feel for getting just the right tone of voice? We need a volunteer to help write engaging copy for our regular member emails, blog and social media channels. You’ll need some IT experience and a desire to share and hone your storytelling skills.