The Weird and Wonderful

Bristol is a town full of the weird and the wonderful, and our local independents are a wonderful reflection of this. Here are some of the more unusual ways to invest your local currency, and maybe learn a thing or two while you do:

The Letterpress Collective

In the latter stages of its maritime and industrial past, Bristol boasted a dynamic printing industry. The closure of the last commercial letterpress printer in 2012 marked a belated end to this aspect of the city's commercial heritage, but it was no time at all before old-school printing enthusiasts The Letterpress Collective emerged to 'breathe life into slumbering presses' for artists, community projects, and simply those who fancy trying something new!

Led by top visiting printers, The Letterpress Collective's all day workshops teach the basics of handsetting type and printing, and include lunch at Roll for the Soul. Get to grips with the hands-on nature of authentic printing, and reconnect with a now-automated industry that we take for granted.


Walking to Meet Ourselves

Though Rosalind J Turner describes herself variously as an artist, facilitator and coach, at the heart of her diffuse theraputic interests is a belief in the simple benefits of walking and talking.

Contact Rosalind to get involved in projects that use days spent in the great outdoors as a method of self-understanding and reinvigoration, grounded in the values of humanistic psychology. If it sounds new-agey, that's cause it probably is...but then it's pretty difficult to argue with the theraputic benefits of a nice walk and a good old chat.

Jeepers Sweepers

Unbeknownst to many, chimney sweeping was not just a job designed to keep mischievous urchins off the streets. It keeps chimneys well ventilated and greatly reduces the risk of fires arising from the build-up of soot.

A modern-day chimney sweep chap, Alex at Jeepers Sweepers provides the leading chimney sweeping business in Bristol. He'll even show up at your wedding if you ask him nicely - old English superstition states that it's good luck for a bride to spot a chimneysweep on her wedding day.