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February 25, 2013
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March 5, 2013

What Makes Bristol Great: Bristol Jazz and Blues Festival

Written by Megan Liversey

Bristol is a vibrant city that is rich with culture. This is reflected in the many festivals and events that take place in around the city. I’m going to be highlighting some of these festivals and events, and look how they contribute to making Bristol great!

 This month I’m going to focus on Bristol’s International Jazz and Blues Festival.

The very first Bristol International Jazz and Blues festival will explode into Colston Hall on today (Friday 1st March) through to Sunday 3rd March. Featuring some of the worlds most renowned Jazz musicians in its first year, this exciting, new festival is set to be one of the UK’s leading Jazz events. Bristol is a massive melting pot of different cultures and, with it’s dynamic rebellious past (and present) and lively music scene, the city serves as a natural host to its first International Jazz and Blues Festival.

Headlining the festival are US guitarist John Scofield’s Organic Trio, Cuban Trumpeter Arturo Sandoval and drummer Ginger Baker. Alongside these are a host of Bristol based musicians leading the way including Get The Blessing, Andy 

Shepherd’s Trio Libero along with the gypsy-jazz, swing-stomping, Zen Hussies. I was lucky enough to get the inside scoop of the Bristol based ‘one’s to watch’ during this years festival. You can catch these bands for free in the foyer of Colston Hall.

On Friday at 8.00pm, start your weekend stimulating your senses and watch Moscow Drug Club for an intoxicating musical experience. Moonlight Saving Time are perfect for the Saturday early evening 5.00pm slot, where you can be prepared to be mesmerized by their original sound including hip hop, Latin and Afro Cuban grooves. End your explosive weekend and catch James Morton’s Pork Chop who is a real mover and shaker on the Bristol Jazz scene

Polly Eldridge, the media co-ordinator of the festival explains how the festival is creating a real buzz around Bristol.

“Bristol is an exciting city to hold a Jazz and Blues Festival, one of the many reasons is the influence of Trip Hop that gives the Jazz and Blues scene in Bristol an interesting dimension. There are going to be International acts jamming with local acts that will give the festival a come-together community feel”.

The festival wants to continue to grow and attract visitors from all over the world. It’s now looking at ways to incorporate the Bristol Pound into the next festival.

The three day festival is presented in association with Bristol’s Music Trust which now runs the city’s main music venue, Colston Hall.


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