Where we're going

Our vision is a fairer, greener, stronger economy for Bristol, and after 8 years of running Bristol Pound, we’ve realised we can do more. We can involve more people and we can create more impact.

So we’re developing Bristol Pay.

Today, if you make a payment using your card or your phone, a small percentage of the sale leaves our city in transaction charges. It might not sound like a big deal, but it’s been estimated that these charges total £60 million leaving Bristol per year! 

We want to keep as much of that money in Bristol as we can, by encouraging everyone in Bristol to pay with our new, non-profit payment platform. Any profits we make will be reinvested in social and environmental projects in the city. 

Of course, we will continue to promote Bristol’s independent businesses.

And we’ll be doing something totally new – we’re developing our own version of Nectar points – but instead of earning points for shopping, you’ll be able to earn them for participating in your local community, and for helping Bristol meet its One City Plan targets – like being zero carbon by 2030.

Read about the full vision for the future of Bristol Pay here.