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February 27, 2019
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March 14, 2019

William from Bristol Greeters – my business story

We are delighted to have met with William, founder of Bristol Greeters for this week’s edition of our My Business Story series. The Greeters are a friendly group of Bristolians that welcome visitors from all around the world to the city. They’re not tour guides, they simply share what they love about Bristol – offering lots of advice to tourists such as places to eat, visit and stay. Most importantly, what they do is all free!

What can we expect from a meet-up with a Bristol Greeter?

We offer anything from a quick coffee to an afternoon exploring the city together. You will be able to see Bristol through the eyes of a resident who really loves and knows the city which gives you a fascinating perspective. We’re a friendly face to those visiting Bristol and through the scheme we’re able to support sustainable tourism in the city, bringing both cultural and economic enrichment.

What do you love about Bristol? And what do you love about your role at Bristol Greeters?

We’re a city that’s proud to be unique. That’s what I love about Bristol, it’s a very special place. Each neighbourhood has its own characters and quirks which all contribute to the warm charm that certainly myself, and many tourists never forget. From the charming sights and dynamic nightlife to the quaint cafes and network of museums, it’s the perfect recipe to what makes us Bristolians immensely proud of our diverse city. That’s the main reason why I love my role at Bristol Greeters – I can proudly show off everything that I love.

How did you start Bristol Greeters?

A friend introduced me to something called the Global Greeter Network, it spans across 130 cities and regions around the whole world, from Argentina to Vietnam. Each destination shares the same core values which are to provide a warm and friendly welcome to visitors. Greeters spend their time showing off the hidden gems of their city and telling their personal stories; meaning that tourists arrive as a guest but leave as a friend!

I thought it was such a lovely concept and approached them to set Bristol up as an official destination. They kindly accepted us in May 2018 into the Greeter Network and we have since grown into a great team of volunteers, all with a passion to share our enthusiasm for the city.

What made you sign up to Bristol Pound? What do you like about the scheme?

The Greeter concept supports local tourism and businesses and that’s why I believe Bristol Pound is so important – I know that the money I spend will be circulated just within the city. It was only recently that I signed up to Bristol Pound but what made me take the leap was the handy little app. There’s a brilliant map that shows all the places that accept Bristol Pound and in turn encourages me to explore new cafes and shops that I had never been in before.

Where do you spend your Bristol Pounds?

Everyday I’m discovering new shops and cafes that accept Bristol Pound, it’s all rather exciting! My recent spends have been in the mouth-watering Yurt Lush [£B] and Chai Shai Kitchen [£B].

What can Bristol Pound members do to help?

We’re still very much a growing concept and we’d love to welcome more volunteers to the team. Bristol receives thousands of international visitors every year and the more volunteers we have on hand, the more tourists we are able to welcome. You can offer up as much or as little time as you like – it’s very flexible around you and your lifestyle.

Interested in joining? It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet people from all around the world and share what you love about being a Bristolian. Please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you: info@bristolgreeters.co.uk

Find Bristol Greeters online via the following links: 

Bristol Greeters: Website / Twitter / Instagram / Facebook

Thank you William!



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