Hospitality in Lockdown
January 28, 2021
Bristol, Lahti, and Urban Sustainability 
February 18, 2021

Young and in Lockdown

Missing hospitality as a student

Lockdown from a perspective of a university student has been a period of greater stress, being added on top of an already large list of anxieties. With a huge amount of workload expected to be completed during this pandemic, the student lifestyle in universities is far from the carefree nature that many envisage.

Places such as restaurants, cinemas, and bowling alleys, which would normally be sanctuaries for students to relax, are closed. For people who live far from their families, socialising is an essential aspect of university life, and without it, it seems that every problem is exacerbated. The reality of social distancing means that we can’t meet up with fellow students and find comfort in the common stresses with university work.

This whole situation puts into perspective the importance of the hospitality industry in keeping up morale and staying socially active. I think that once these places open up again, there will be a greater appreciation for what they provide.


A Positive Outlook

For many, the lockdown has provided the opportunity to save money. Without having parties or events to attend, there’s less pressure to buy certain clothes or wear certain outfits; this has left some young people to ponder over their own spending habits. The idea that a lot of materialistic items aren’t always necessary has hit home for some people, which is encouraging to see. 

That being said… online shopping has certainly seen a boom in activity.



Buying online more now, than ever before

As cardboard boxes stack up at my doorway, I thought about the impact that this lockdown has had on how we actually buy products. With non-essential stores being closed, we have been thrust further into the world of online shopping. From a personal perspective, items that were bought online would normally be limited to books and phone cases. 

However, since lockdown first commenced in March 2020, I’ve noticed a gradual increase in the use of online platforms to buy clothes. For me, buying clothes (pre-covid) was pretty much exclusively an in-person experience – I would only buy clothes from the brick and mortar stores themselves. This is partly for the purpose of getting the right size, but it’s also because buying clothes and browsing stores is more of an experience than ordering online. 

The lockdown has forced those who want to buy clothes to order everything on the internet; for some, it’s a temporary way of purchasing in these circumstances, but for others, online shopping may have a much more permanent role in their lives. The convenience that the internet provides is a powerful pull for a lot of us.

It’s hard to tell if lockdown has created this change in attitude or if it has simply sped up an inevitable change in behaviour. This also leaves the question: What impact will this have on our highstreets?


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