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Our paper Bristol Pounds are beautiful objects, get your historic souvenir packs below.

Postage is for UK mainland only, please enquire for international postage rates by emailing

Note: not to be exchanged for goods and services as part of the scheme.

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Souvenir Paper Pounds
Second Edition Print (2015)

Including a certificate of authenticity, unused & unissued, in plastic holders.

BP1 for £4.50
BP5 for £9.50
£B10 for £14.50
£B20 for £24.00
Complete set of one of each denomination with matching serial numbers, for £73.50
Plus £1.72 postage (first class signed for service)

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Souvenir Paper Pounds
First Edition Print (2012)

£B1, £B5, £B10 or £B20, first edition print 2012.

Including a certificate of authenticity, unused & unissued, in plastic holders

Plus £1.72 postage (first class signed for service)

This first edition print is limited in quantity and quickly running out. Paper Bristol Pound Souvenirs are for souvenirs only and not for purchasing goods or services. This first edition is no longer being issued to the public for general use. 

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Bristol Pound t-shirts

Get our newly printed Bristol Pound t-shirts! Screen printed locally by Not Too Shabby clothing on 100% organic cotton shirts these are good for both Bristol and the environment.

The shirts cost £18 when bought with Bristol Pounds and £20 in sterling, please see the Not Too Shabby website for more details! 

Payment can be made to Not Too Shabby on their website: